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Converts pdf to bmp file Step by Step

About bmp Format:

The format is the standard for a Windows file. This format called bitmap or bmp files. It holds 2-color, 16-color, 256-color and True color image. It may use compression. The palletized 16 color and 256 color image may be compressed via length encoding. Also there is a IBM OS/2 BMP format.

File format:

Name: BMP
Developer : Microsoft
Release date: 1986
Type of data: bitmap
Number of colours: 2,16,256, 16777216
Colour spaces: RGB
Compression algorithms: RLE
Ideal use: background of your display
Extension on PC-platform: .BMP

Convert pdf to bmp:

Step I. Download the "PDF to JPG TIFF Converter" and install to your pc.

Step II. Run and Add the the pdf file.

Step III. Choose the output format "bmp" in below:

pdf to bmp option

Step IV. Get bmp file in the output folder.

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