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How to Convert PDF to GIF ?

In this artcile we will teach you how to converts a PDF file to gif image with our product PDF to JPG TIFF Converter, which can change PDF document between any image format quickly.

Step 1. Download the tool "PDF to JPG TIFF Converter" and install.

Step 2. Run the software and Add the the pdf file.

Step 3. Setting the option of format to "gif" in below:

pdf to gif option

Step 4. find the gif image file in the output folder.

About gif Format:

The GIF image format is one of the most popular formats on the Internet. GIF file support a maximum of 256 colors. GIF Image file which should contain up to 256 indexed colors; color palette can be a predefined set of colors or can be adapted to the colors in the image.
That is important GIF already uses the LZW compression scheme internally to make images as small as possible without lose any data.
GIF is suitable for image with sharp edges and relatively few gradations of color, such as line art, text and cartoons. You may also create background transparencies and animations using GIF image.

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