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Maybe now you want a professional software to help you solve it: how to convert pdf file to tiff image. You have so many PDF files and want to convert one of them to tiff for collection. PDF to JPG TIFF conversion is a useful pdf conversion, convert pdf to tiff tool, the converter produces fully tiff image from pdf include text, pictures, graphics etc.

Tips 1: You can convert PDF file in all version 1.0 to 1.7.
Tips 2: If you need, convert more pdf files at one time and the PDF to TIFF conversion will converting one by one for saving your time.

About TIFF format:
TIF is the format of choice for archiving important image. TIF is the top universal and top widely supported format across all platforms, Unix, Mac, Windows, linux. Data up to 48 bits is supported. TIFF is THE leading commercial and professional image standard.

Several compression formats are used with TIFF. TIFF with G3 compression is the universal standard for fax and multi-page line art documents.

TIFF supports most color spaces, RGB, CMYK, YCbCr, etc. TIFF can store data with bytes in either PC or Mac order (Intel or Motorola CPU chips differ in this way). This choice improves efficiency (speed), but all major programs today can read TIFF either way, and TIFF files can be exchanged without problem. TIF is a flexible format with many options. The data contains tags to declare what type of data follows. New types are easy to invent, and this versatility can cause incompatibly, but about any program anywhere will handle the standard TIF types that we might encounter.

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